Our Distinctive Features
                    Beautiful Campus

Surrounded by Pi Shan and the lake of Da Hu, we can view the beautiful scenes of Nei Hu from the campus. Besides, the leafy trees and beautiful flowers all around the school make the campus very attractive to its visitors.

             Warm and Friendly Climate

With a group of devoted teachers, various support and co-operation from parents and strong back-up from administration staff, we are proud to say that our staff and parents work collaboratively to support our students' learning, and the open communication among staff and parents establishes a warm and friendly climate on our campus.

           Diverse Learning Opportunities

Students are given the opportunity to integrate a wide range of skills and subject matter through a core curriculum. In addition, we provide diverse learning opportunities to meet students' needs, including field trips, extra curriculum activities on Wednesday mornings, class concerts, sport events……………etc.

                     Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of kangning's best promoting sports.
With spacious and bright sports room, sufficient equipment, responsible coaches, excellent players and supportive parents, our table tennis team has won in many national contests.



  Various Resources from Parents and community

The successful education of our students depends on the existence of a strong and positive relationship among the school, parents and the community. To support our students' learning as well as to meet their educational needs, we try to utilize various resources (listed as below) within the parents and the local community on the educational processes.
1. Parents Participation - The Parents' Association and The Parents' Volunteering Group provide financial and educational support to our students. They also serve as strong links between the School and students' families.
2. Community Support - For years, The kangning Lions Club International has offered many grants to our students as well as donated a considerable amount of books to our library. In recent years, the Nei Hu Branch Office of the Gentlemen Association of Republic of China has been responsible for the safety of our campus whenever the school held a big event.

Moreover, the local Li-chief offices and some shops around the neighborhood have worked closely with our school, in particular, they provide emergency care and supports to our students whenever it is needed.